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Neither Clint nor Kitty had made any big plans for today besides "wake up," "eat food," and "walk the dogs somewhere," so Clint was perfectly happy to not move for a while after he woke up. It was nice to have quiet time curled up with Kitty--at least until there was a banging noise on the door, which sent Rook flying off to investigate. Lucky just picked his head up and sniffed, and Clint groaned, wrapping himself tighter around Kitty. Maybe if she didn't hear anything, he could pretend there was no reason to get out of the bed.

[For the lady and their guest!]
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With the island being all gross and weird, and with everything Kitty had been through recently, Clint had jumped at the chance to get out of town, and was using work as an excuse. Specifically, he was checking up on one of the safehouses he had through SHIELD that just so happened to be in a warm state within walking distance of a beach. He'd learned early on that hiding out didn't always have to suck.

There'd been some cobwebs and dust in the place when he and Kitty first arrived, but the electricity and water worked without a hitch, and that was all Clint could ask for. Now, he was relaxing in a chair in the sand, watching Lucky and Rook approach the water while he waited for Kitty to come down from the house. There were definitely worse ways to spend a few days, that was for sure.

[For the ladyfriend!]
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Considering how long they'd both been thinking about it, the decision to move Kitty into Clint's place had taken forever. Getting around to actually moving her belongings, on the other hand, hadn't taken that long--although the moving process would probably be taking less time if they'd checked a 10-day forecast before picking the day. Moving things by rickshaw wasn't helping matters much either.

"You don't have anything that's going to get too damaged by snow, right?" Clint asked, looking over the boxes to be brought inside. The weather was annoying, but Clint was looking forward to using it as an excuse for making each other warm later.

[For the new roommate!]
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So, the great thing about Clint and Kitty's birthdays being so close together was that they could spread the celebration out for multiple days. Clint had finally reached the point of being used to having his birthday celebrated at all, so having extra time with Kitty was like an awesome bonus. Tonight, birthday celebrating meant hanging out on his couch with many boxes of Chinese takeout, while Lucky and Rook hid next to the couch and waited for Clint to have a chopstick malfunction.

"I was thinking, you should definitely stay over tonight," he said, poking at a piece of broccoli to capture it. "It would be cruel of me to send you home in the cold, don't you think?"

[For Kitty!]
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While Clint and Kitty had managed to get a tree well before Christmas, they hadn't actually finished decorating said tree. In their defense, they were very busy--well, Kitty was busy, Clint was just lazy--but now that it was close to the holiday, they had set aside time to finish decorating.

"You know, I think we actually did a good job picking this stuff out," Clint said. After a moment, he added, "I probably shouldn't sound surprised about that, should I?"

[For Kitty, or any phone calls!]
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Typically, Clint got up at a decent hour on Sundays to try to get things done, but that wasn't going to happen today. Today, he was celebrating the end of the ghost weirdness waking up and not moving. He had Kitty in his bed, Lucky and Rook resting somewhere nearby, and there were no less than four bandages on his body. All was right with the world, and there was no reason to change that quickly.

[For Kitty!]
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All things considered, Clint had had a pretty good Thanksgiving. There'd been plenty of food at the apartment potluck, he hadn't burned his contribution (green bean casserole with the crunchy onion things on top), and there'd been plenty of leftovers. That meant he had very little guilt about sneaking another piece of pie out of the kitchen while Barney was distracted on his laptop, muttering something about Space Battles, and collapsing onto the couch to see if there was anything good on TV. It was the middle of the day, so probably not, but he could hope anyway.

[For she who is in the city with him!]
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Clint was a little confused when he woke up, but then he remembered this place with the huge, warm bed and the crazy amount of food in the fridge. He also remembered the cute dog that had been here, and now there were two dogs, and if Barney was here this would be the closest to heaven Clint was pretty sure he'd ever get.

The dogs followed Clint as he went from room to room seeing if there was anyone else in the house. When he was satisfied that there was no one else around, he went into the kitchen and dug through in the cupboards until he found food for all three of them, making sure the dogs had plenty and that he stashed some cookies in his pockets for later. Clint wanted to go outside, but he also didn't want to leave the company of the dogs, so he was happy to find leashes hanging up by the door, and the dogs thumped right over as soon as he grabbed them.

For the moment, he was letting the dogs guide him through town, mostly because the two of them combined were kind of as big as he was. Thankfully, they were avoiding a lot of the stairs, but Clint was going to be soooo tired later.

[Open! FYI, because I can't resist, Clint is at the age where he's recovering from a childhood incident and is partially deaf.]
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The thing about living with Natasha was that she made Clint want to be a cleaner, more organized version of himself. Now that she wasn't here, it hadn't taken long for Clint to slip back into being, well, himself. What was left of his dinner was still sitting in the pot he'd cooked it in and eaten it out of, although to his credit it was positioned on the coffee table out of Lucky's reach. He was lying on the couch, with Lucky at his side on the floor and Rook perched on his chest while he tried to find something decent to watch on television. Surely, some channel was showing syndicated repeats of Dog Cops. If he had to settle for reality TV, he was going to be annoyed.

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Even though it was September, it was still warm enough outside that walking Lucky was kind of uncomfortable if he wanted to smell all the things. Now that Clint had Rook too, who wanted to smell all the things twice, he'd ended up peeling his shirt off on one of the staircases and was walking around with it tucked into his jeans as he finally, hopefully, headed back to his house. The dogs didn't seem to mind him being sweaty and gross, and he hoped no one he came across would mind either.

[On SP for a little while longer but open!]
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For once, it was probably a good thing that Clint took a while to wake up, because it took longer for full confusion to hit him. He was in a strange bed, with a woman he didn't recognize--a hot woman though, and he wondered if it was terrible that he couldn't remember her name. It was probably pretty terrible, right? He picked his head up from the pillow and looked around for anything familiar, and when he couldn't find anything, he laid back down and slipped his arm back around his bed partner. Pretending to still be asleep seemed like the best course of action for the moment.

[For the ladyfriend!]
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When the weather was particularly warm, Clint was grateful that Lucky didn't like running around a lot. At the moment, Lucky was perfectly content to slowly wander and sniff every square inch of the bench where Clint had plopped himself down to rest from the walk over.

Then, when ice water fell from the sky onto Clint's head, Lucky started sniffing him too. Now Clint really understood why Kitty had been so angry all week.

[My lack of wet Renner icons is sad. Here for one, but open if anyone needs some soaking wet Clint in their life.]
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Clint wasn't really fond of being lied to, but he was willing to let it slide if it meant getting a job done or, in this case, protecting someone he cared about. But meeting the Path of Destiny and watching Kitty be threatened again was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back, and Clint was so ready to be done with these people and get Kitty out of Japan. Unfortunately, he couldn't help Kitty without some additional backup, and he wasn't about to get that without some answers first. He headed back to Tokyo Tower, and glared at the poor person at the main desk. "I need to see Ryoko Oshiba," he said in sharp Japanese. "Now." He didn't like having to be threatening, but these people had certainly earned it.
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Clint had been in an awful mood yesterday, and he wasn't doing much better today. His fuse had been so short that it was practically non-existent, and when he realized he was going to end up snapping at someone at the gym, he'd gone home and sent Barney a series of text messages to find out how things were going in New York. Kitty coming over had helped a little - never let it be said that she wasn't an awesome distraction from the crapfest that was his life - and Clint was glad she'd decided to stay for the night.

But now, Clint was laying in bed and scrolling through his messages, rereading everything he'd sent to Barney. Clint hadn't gotten a single response, and he couldn't stop thinking about the possible reasons his brother was ignoring him. Did Clint's messages piss him off? Was Barney hurt and unable to respond? Did he get fed up with Clint and leave again? No matter what the reason was, there was no way Clint was going to manage to go back to sleep.

[For the ladyfriend!]
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In the time since Clint had accidentally adopted Lucky, he'd come an awful long way in healing up from being mistreated by his previous owners. Sure, Lucky still walked a little slowly, but he was up for much longer walks than ever, especially now that the weather was decent. When their evening walk brought Clint near Kitty's apartment building, well, there was no reason not to check on her. That was the excuse he was going with at least when he knocked on the door, hoping she was home and not stuck at Caritas or something.
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As far as Clint was concerned, Operation Distract Kitty From Punching Fandom in The Face was going quite well. They'd seen the Grand Canyon, learned exactly what a "dry heat" meant, and now they were lounging in their hotel room.

"I'm really glad no one evil has blown the Grand Canyon up," he said, from where he was sprawled out on the bed. "Or filled it with acid or done something else awful." That was a totally rational thought when you were exhausted from being touristy.

[For she who is with him!]
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For the most part, Clint had behaved himself this past week. Sure, he had some scratches and bruises, but he didn't break anything and he had a lot more information about fighting weird creatures now. If New York was ever invaded by trolls or monkeyponies, he'd be like an expert. An expert no one would believe, but still, he'd get to play a mean game of 'I told you so' in the end.

Now, he was taking a well-deserved rest. He had a new episode of Dog Cops to watch, Lucky perched on one side of him on the couch, and Kitty on his lap. He'd been hoping her whole baby lion thing would have ended yesterday when the rest of the weird stuff seemed to stop, but he wasn't worried too much yet.

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When Kitty had asked if Clint wanted to come over to her place tonight, there'd been no hesitation in Clint saying yes. The fact that she was even talking to him, let alone still telling him she loved him was seriously surprising, and Clint wasn't going to do anything to mess that up again.

You know, relatively soon.

The flowers had gone over well, but Clint still had some cupcakes with him as he let himself into the apartment, just in case. "Kitty?" he called out, making sure to make enough noise that she'd know he was there.

[For the girlfriend!]


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