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So, Clint had zero interest in celebrating his own birthday. But, he knew that if he and Kitty didn't do something, she'd surprise him with something big and potentially embarrassing. At least a nice dinner meant he got to see Kitty dressed up, and he was reminding himself that he'd been expecting to spend his birthday alone a few months ago, so this was pretty good in comparison.

"If any waiter starts singing, I'm blaming you," he warned Kitty as they sat down.

[For the lady!]
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So, the great thing about Clint and Kitty's birthdays being so close together was that they could spread the celebration out for multiple days. Clint had finally reached the point of being used to having his birthday celebrated at all, so having extra time with Kitty was like an awesome bonus. Tonight, birthday celebrating meant hanging out on his couch with many boxes of Chinese takeout, while Lucky and Rook hid next to the couch and waited for Clint to have a chopstick malfunction.

"I was thinking, you should definitely stay over tonight," he said, poking at a piece of broccoli to capture it. "It would be cruel of me to send you home in the cold, don't you think?"

[For Kitty!]
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So, birthdays had never really been a big deal for Clint. At least, he hadn't let them be, because then he couldn't be disappointed when no one remembered or, even more likely, the whole day went to crap. However, Clint knew that certain other people wouldn't let him get away with not celebrating anymore, so he was up and dressed in real clothes, not lounging-around-the-house clothes, and he'd made sure things were clean and that Lucky had been taken care of - thankfully, he didn't want to be out in the cold any more than Clint did, so he was perfectly content laying next to one of the heating vents and snoozing. Clint was flipping through television channels at the moment, but he was almost tempted to lay down too. At least then he'd be really warm.

[Mostly for the girlfriend, but open!]


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