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So, Clint had zero interest in celebrating his own birthday. But, he knew that if he and Kitty didn't do something, she'd surprise him with something big and potentially embarrassing. At least a nice dinner meant he got to see Kitty dressed up, and he was reminding himself that he'd been expecting to spend his birthday alone a few months ago, so this was pretty good in comparison.

"If any waiter starts singing, I'm blaming you," he warned Kitty as they sat down.

[For the lady!]
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Clint was a little confused when he woke up, but then he remembered this place with the huge, warm bed and the crazy amount of food in the fridge. He also remembered the cute dog that had been here, and now there were two dogs, and if Barney was here this would be the closest to heaven Clint was pretty sure he'd ever get.

The dogs followed Clint as he went from room to room seeing if there was anyone else in the house. When he was satisfied that there was no one else around, he went into the kitchen and dug through in the cupboards until he found food for all three of them, making sure the dogs had plenty and that he stashed some cookies in his pockets for later. Clint wanted to go outside, but he also didn't want to leave the company of the dogs, so he was happy to find leashes hanging up by the door, and the dogs thumped right over as soon as he grabbed them.

For the moment, he was letting the dogs guide him through town, mostly because the two of them combined were kind of as big as he was. Thankfully, they were avoiding a lot of the stairs, but Clint was going to be soooo tired later.

[Open! FYI, because I can't resist, Clint is at the age where he's recovering from a childhood incident and is partially deaf.]


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