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Clint would much rather be at home drinking beers with Barney than be in his office, but he felt like being responsible enough to do his job today. He had a laptop full of emails to respond to, so it wasn't like he wouldn't be busy.

If anyone asked about Sex Ed though, he wasn't sure what he'd tell them.
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Clint had a lot of little things to work on today--sending emails to Barney and Fury, working out Portalocity details for his class this week--but all of that got put on hold when his phone chimed with a message and... well, he ended up staring at the picture for a while with a stupid grin on his face before sending back a hopefully correctly spelled response. He was so unbelievably spoiled.

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Clint wasn't sure if anyone would want to see him about their kids, but his office gave him a nice space to organize his arrows and hang out with Barney at the same time. He thought he looked at least slightly professional, but he'd have to see if anyone else agreed.

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So, Clint had had one hell of a weekend. He felt kind of bad about apparently making people worry about him - the fact that people really cared was still a new concept, but he might get used to it eventually - so he left a message for Natalie before settling into work. Which, since he didn't really have much to plan for his class, meant planning a trip to France. He was going to have to brush up on dirty French phrases to say to Kitty while he was at it.

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Clint hadn't known that an office would be part of this teaching deal - really, did he need more space for his lack of stuff? - but he figured it might be frowned upon if he never used it. So, he was here today, looking through the manual for the Danger Shop to see what sorts of things he could program it to do. His students were either going to be entertained, or totally screwed.

[Open! On SP until I can get home, but I didn't want to forget to post this!]


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