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The trip back from Madripoor had been blessedly uneventful, and Clint didn't protest quite as much as usual when he was whisked off to medical. Even after whatever the hell Derek did to him, he was still sore in quite a few places--bulletproof vests were awesome but getting shot point in the chest still sucked a lot--and by the time the nurses were done there wasn't much of Clint not covered in bandages. He needed to buy stock in companies that made gauze one of these days.

But hey, a few cracked ribs and a bruised liver were a small price to pay to get that tape back. Now everything was fine, right? Right.

[And thus ends the flist spam! NFB due to distance! Open for his brave rescuers!]
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When Clint got the phone call telling him to take the next portal home, he was more amused than concerned. He'd assumed that Fury would get tired of his poorly-spelled emails after a few months and would have made him start checking in in person long before now.

Then Clint saw Hill in the conference room, and he knew this wasn't something routine.

"The tape got out, Clint. The videotaped record of Operation: Eucritta." )

[NFB due to distance, OOC okay. Adapted from Hawkeye #4. :D :D :D]


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