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Clint didn't know why he'd thought going back to New York for Christmas would be a good idea. Seriously, he was a grown-ass man, why did he still fall for that "holiday magic" crap?

In which Clint does not have the start to a joyous-ass Kwanzaa. )

[Taken from Hawkeye #6. For the girlfriend, to be continued in the comments!]
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Clint had been tempted to see if he could get a portal to Madripoor, but no, he had to sit and wait for a flight like he was some kind of normal person. The only good news was, he had time to leave a few texts and messages before having to board.

Yeah, that had been loads of fun.

Ugh, Madripoor. )

[NFB due to distance, OOC okay. Adapted from Hawkeye #4. :D :D :D Warning for mentions of off-screen violence.]
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When Clint got the phone call telling him to take the next portal home, he was more amused than concerned. He'd assumed that Fury would get tired of his poorly-spelled emails after a few months and would have made him start checking in in person long before now.

Then Clint saw Hill in the conference room, and he knew this wasn't something routine.

"The tape got out, Clint. The videotaped record of Operation: Eucritta." )

[NFB due to distance, OOC okay. Adapted from Hawkeye #4. :D :D :D]


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