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So, it had been five years since Clint and Kitty's first date... okay, five years and one day, because insurance companies were the worst and they'd both spent way too much time on the phone yesterday to focus on an anniversary dinner. But, today had been a lot more calm, and Clint had found a nice place away from the island that smelled lovely and didn't really serve a lot of seafood.

"I hope this place is okay. You'd think after all this time, date nights wouldn't make me nervous, but old habits die hard," he said with a smirk.

[For the lovely wife!]
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Clint had been willing to wait things out when he thought the hurricane was just going to bring some rain, but now that this sounded like a Serious Business storm, he had enough self-preservation to take some of the wood Kitty had brought back to the house, and get to work on the windows.

Lucky and Rook were very interested in what all the banging was about, but were thankfully staying out of his way, while Clint calculated how much dog food they might need if this storm was as bad as the radio said it would be. "Sorry guys, you can't help," he said. "I wish you knew how to use a hammer, believe me."

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Over the last few days, Clint had gotten into a pretty steady routine: wake up, snuggle lion!Kitty, feed the dogs, feed Kitty, take the dogs for their walk, check his email, break out into a fit of Hydra-related swearing, go for some target practice to fend off Hydra-related anger, come home, shower, and snuggle Kitty some more.

He'd gotten through all the steps already, so now he was sitting with Kitty curled up on his lap, watching the news and debating if he wanted to take a chance and look at his email again.

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Thanksgiving had been a miraculously smooth affair for Clint and Kitty. At least, Clint thought it was miraculous since going to Kitty's world for a visit didn't always go the way they hoped it would. But, there had been relative peace around the table at Utopia, no one had tried to attack the X-Men, and they'd come home to Fandom with a bunch of leftovers that Clint was currently digging into.

"Sorry buddy, but potatoes aren't for dogs," he said as Lucky circled around his feet. He'd have to give him a treat later to make up for this slight.

[For the wife!]
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Like most Monday mornings, Clint woke up to the sound of Lucky and Rook moving around, and began debating with himself about whether or not to get up right away, or wait until they started barking.

Then, the events of the weekend came rushing to his mind, and Clint's first move was to run his hand over his head to make sure his hair wasn't... whatever his 15 year-old self had decided on. He sat up and looked around, hoping Kitty was all right. It had made sense to come back to the house after Tony's party, since no one else seemed to be occupying it. It had also made sense for them to sleep separately which was how, Clint supposed, he'd ended up on the couch.

With a sigh, Clint got up and started getting food ready for the dogs, and coffee ready for himself. Maybe, once Kitty got up and remembered things too, she'd be willing to pretend this weekend hadn't happened.

[For the wife!]
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When they were stuck at Candyworld, Clint hadn't really been interested in venturing across the causeway. Now that they were outside an actual city, Clint had figured some investigation would be worth the effort, and he hadn't been disappointed. Yes, he'd spent most of his time in the archery shop, finding out how they made their wares (the arrows in particular were impressive considering the lack of visible technology this place had), but he'd also taken the time to ask around about the most important feature of any city--where to eat.

"The guards said this place had the best food and the nicest clientele," Clint said as he led Kitty into the inn. "We can sit on the second floor and people watch, if you want. It might be quieter."

[For the wifey!]
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Clint had never paid a lot to the rules and traditions of getting married, but the one thing his and Kitty's friends had insisted on was that he wasn't supposed to see her from tonight until the actual wedding. Clint thought that was pretty stupid--like his natural bad luck could get any worse?--but he'd let Barney drag him out with Tony, Steve, and Thor (and Natasha, who insisted that someone with a brain needed to keep an eye on them all) while Kitty's friends took her out for something he hoped wouldn't involve male strippers.

At the third bar of the night, Clint managed to get away from the others long enough to hit the speed dial for Kitty's number on his phone. Not seeing her didn't mean not talking to her, right?

[For the omg-soon-to-be wife and anyone else who might want to call!]
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Mondays were always awful, but yesterday had been particularly awful because Kitty had to teach and Clint had to check on the gym and all he really wanted to do was stay in bed and enjoy the fact that they had each other during a time when... certain tensions were high.

(At least there was one less awkward thing for Steve to report on the radio?)

Today though, Clint didn't have anywhere important to be, Kitty didn't have to be at Caritas until later, and Clint had planned ahead and locked the bedroom door the night before so the dogs couldn't get in. Once he woke up, he rolled over, wrapping his arms around Kitty, and nuzzled at her neck. "Hey, you weren't planning on going anywhere right away, right?"

[For the lady!]
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So, Clint had zero interest in celebrating his own birthday. But, he knew that if he and Kitty didn't do something, she'd surprise him with something big and potentially embarrassing. At least a nice dinner meant he got to see Kitty dressed up, and he was reminding himself that he'd been expecting to spend his birthday alone a few months ago, so this was pretty good in comparison.

"If any waiter starts singing, I'm blaming you," he warned Kitty as they sat down.

[For the lady!]
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When Clint woke up surrounded by the feeling of nice, warm bed, it took a second for him to remember where he was. Then he smiled and squirmed further under the covers to hold on to the nice feeling for just a little longer. After a few minutes though, his stomach won over his head, and he pushed the covers back to start getting ready to get up and find food.

This was the point where he noticed Kitty in the bed next to him, in her suit, and stared at her for a few moments before softly tapping on the helmet. "Helloooo?"

[For Kitty, but open to calls and visitors!]
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Clint would much rather be at home drinking beers with Barney than be in his office, but he felt like being responsible enough to do his job today. He had a laptop full of emails to respond to, so it wasn't like he wouldn't be busy.

If anyone asked about Sex Ed though, he wasn't sure what he'd tell them.
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Well, the impossible had happened. Clint had officially managed to convince Kitty to date him for three solid years. Of course, he'd also convinced her to marry him, but tonight was about their dating anniversary, and he was trying not to think about how this might be the last time they celebrated this anniversary as they sat down at their table.

"Ooh, they've got real candles on the tables. Now I'm glad I wore a tie," he said.

[For the lady! NFB due to distance.]
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By now, the unfamiliar feeling that Clint was feeling as he woke up was... actually kind of familiar. Clearly, he'd been on the island for too long. Still, just to check, he shifted a little in bed, ran his hand down the front of his chest, and groaned.

"Kitty? Fandom's being stupid again," he whined. It was probably a little mean to wake her up, but she could return the favor whenever this crap happened to her next.

[For the sleeping partner!]
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Really, it was the quiet that made Clint wake up.

Normally, Saturday mornings were spent waiting for the inevitable knock at the bedroom door where his children demanded food, or their favorite movie, or for someone to stop pulling his big sister's hair. But this morning was blissfully quiet, and Clint had to process things for a moment when he woke up. Kitty, check. Old house, check. Lack of kids, check.

"Aww, Fandom," he muttered, before curling around Kitty again. Hopefully, she'd be in a good mood once she realized where they'd ended up.

[For the wife!]
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If Clint needed a sign that Black Cat's bad luck mojo had worn off of him, it was that the first portal he'd taken from New York had brought him right to Fandom last night. He'd tried to sneak into the house without waking Kitty up, but that had been a completely futile effort, and she'd made all sorts of noises when she saw what a walking bruise he looked like. He'd tried "It looks worse than it feels," and "Nothing's broken, it not a big deal," but ultimately "I don't want to talk about it right now," had won, and he'd been able to get some sleep. Not good sleep, but enough sleep that he didn't feel like total crap when the squirrels had shown up to make him do the radio broadcast.

Now Clint was two cups of coffee into the day, and was ready to do something productive. That meant finally tackling the annoying squeaky stair going up to the second floor. Clint wasn't exactly an expert in home repair, but... he needed something to do and he needed it to be useful, and this was useful. If Clint had a therapist, they'd probably have a field day with what he was getting up to.

[Open for calls or visits!]
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One minute, Clint was standing in Jeremy Ellsden's apartment building, watching Deadpool hand him a thumb drive with the background files of every active SHIELD agent.

The next thing Clint knew, he was standing next to Black Cat, who was screaming obscenities and banging on a laptop, while outside the window, Barney ran across a rooftop carrying what looked like the remains of a rocket launcher.

"Hawkeye has only had one indoctrination session. We need to reinforce it."

"There's no time," said Black Cat. "If you don't think he'll be compliant then push him out a window."

Okay, this looks bad. )

[Adapted from Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #4. TW for violence and one particularly gross death.]
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Deadpool was a little too chipper when he came back to pick up Clint so they could meet up with SHIELD and the FBI. It was probably a good thing that Clint insisted Barney come along, since Black Cat's mojo meant Clint was steadily breaking everything he touched, like chairs and phones and possibly Barney's sanity.

In which Clint tries to make a plan, Deadpool actually saves the day, and then it all goes to hell. )

[Adapted from Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #2. TW for violence and attempted murder.]
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So, when Deadpool said he'd let Clint do all the talking, what he meant was that he'd let Clint talk while knocking out anyone who got in their way.

"You're really a lunatic," Clint said as Deadpool rolled the unconscious coroner into the morgue.

"An effective lunatic!" Deadpool said. "We're inside, aren't we?"

In which Clint tries to solve his problems without violence. Silly Clint. )

[Adapted from Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #1 and #2. TW for violence, ableist language, and brainwashing. Because Clint.]
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When Kitty went off to deal with the aftermath of her Avengers being attacked, Clint decided this week would be a good time to visit Barney. They'd only gotten into a few fights so far, which was a miracle in itself, and Clint felt a lot better about how the apartment building and his tenants were faring in his absence. The current problem was "solicitors" with thick Russian accents coming by every couple of days, but only one had shown up since Clint had arrived, and he'd quickly turned around at the sight of two Bartons on the stoop. Overall, Clint was feeling pretty good about his promise to Kitty that he'd stay safe on his trip.

*insert maniacal player laughter here* )

[Adapted from Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0 and #1. TW for violence and suicide. Let's pretend my scheduled post worked right and this went up last night, yes?]
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Clint was almost always glad to miss out on island craziness, but he was especially happy after listening to the radio today. He couldn't think of anyone he'd lost that he'd actually want to see again, which was probably sad and depressing, but he didn't mind. He was much happier focusing on the people he still had, which today meant stopping to get bagels and coffee on the way back from his morning run.

"Hey, I'm home!" he called out when he got in. Hopefully, the dogs would avoid his sweatiness and he wouldn't have to dodge them with coffee in his hands.

[Open for calls or whatever!]


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