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In the time since Clint had accidentally adopted Lucky, he'd come an awful long way in healing up from being mistreated by his previous owners. Sure, Lucky still walked a little slowly, but he was up for much longer walks than ever, especially now that the weather was decent. When their evening walk brought Clint near Kitty's apartment building, well, there was no reason not to check on her. That was the excuse he was going with at least when he knocked on the door, hoping she was home and not stuck at Caritas or something.
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When Kitty had asked if Clint wanted to come over to her place tonight, there'd been no hesitation in Clint saying yes. The fact that she was even talking to him, let alone still telling him she loved him was seriously surprising, and Clint wasn't going to do anything to mess that up again.

You know, relatively soon.

The flowers had gone over well, but Clint still had some cupcakes with him as he let himself into the apartment, just in case. "Kitty?" he called out, making sure to make enough noise that she'd know he was there.

[For the girlfriend!]
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So, Clint had decided to test this whole "I gave you a key because I want you to come over" concept, and after a long, long walk with Lucky to psych himself up, he'd gone over to Kitty's place late in the night.

Apparently she did not, in fact, mind waking up with him in her bed. Who knew that could be a thing?

Now there was sleepy morning cuddling going on as Clint started to wake up, because that was a thing too and he was all for secretly enjoying it as much as possible. He was surprised by how quiet things were - one of the joys of being in an apartment - until he woke up enough to realize the apartment was probably just fine, and the issue was all him. He'd had nightmares about this sort of thing happening, but he never really thought it would. Trying not to think about how much sound he was potentially making and missing out on, Clint started carefully pulling away from Kitty in an attempt escape the bed before she woke up. If he could get back to his place, maybe he could figure out a solution before she ever realized he couldn't hear anymore.

[For ze girlfriend!]


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