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Clint had been in an awful mood yesterday, and he wasn't doing much better today. His fuse had been so short that it was practically non-existent, and when he realized he was going to end up snapping at someone at the gym, he'd gone home and sent Barney a series of text messages to find out how things were going in New York. Kitty coming over had helped a little - never let it be said that she wasn't an awesome distraction from the crapfest that was his life - and Clint was glad she'd decided to stay for the night.

But now, Clint was laying in bed and scrolling through his messages, rereading everything he'd sent to Barney. Clint hadn't gotten a single response, and he couldn't stop thinking about the possible reasons his brother was ignoring him. Did Clint's messages piss him off? Was Barney hurt and unable to respond? Did he get fed up with Clint and leave again? No matter what the reason was, there was no way Clint was going to manage to go back to sleep.

[For the ladyfriend!]
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In the time since Clint had accidentally adopted Lucky, he'd come an awful long way in healing up from being mistreated by his previous owners. Sure, Lucky still walked a little slowly, but he was up for much longer walks than ever, especially now that the weather was decent. When their evening walk brought Clint near Kitty's apartment building, well, there was no reason not to check on her. That was the excuse he was going with at least when he knocked on the door, hoping she was home and not stuck at Caritas or something.
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As far as Clint was concerned, Operation Distract Kitty From Punching Fandom in The Face was going quite well. They'd seen the Grand Canyon, learned exactly what a "dry heat" meant, and now they were lounging in their hotel room.

"I'm really glad no one evil has blown the Grand Canyon up," he said, from where he was sprawled out on the bed. "Or filled it with acid or done something else awful." That was a totally rational thought when you were exhausted from being touristy.

[For she who is with him!]
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When Kitty had asked if Clint wanted to come over to her place tonight, there'd been no hesitation in Clint saying yes. The fact that she was even talking to him, let alone still telling him she loved him was seriously surprising, and Clint wasn't going to do anything to mess that up again.

You know, relatively soon.

The flowers had gone over well, but Clint still had some cupcakes with him as he let himself into the apartment, just in case. "Kitty?" he called out, making sure to make enough noise that she'd know he was there.

[For the girlfriend!]
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Clint didn't know why he'd thought going back to New York for Christmas would be a good idea. Seriously, he was a grown-ass man, why did he still fall for that "holiday magic" crap?

In which Clint does not have the start to a joyous-ass Kwanzaa. )

[Taken from Hawkeye #6. For the girlfriend, to be continued in the comments!]
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Rooftop potlucks were a typical event at Clint's apartment building, so he hadn't been terribly surprised that Thanksgiving was treated as a more special version of that. There weren't many residents who had family around to visit, or to invite over, but that at least meant they were spending the holiday around people they actually liked. It also meant Kitty was getting a lot of fascinated attention, which Clint was trying not to notice or worry about. Besides, he had bigger things to worry about, like the fact that Grills had somehow acquired a deep fryer for the turkey, and was poking away at it.

"Are you sure those things are allowed here?" he asked for possibly the third time. Or fifth.

"I told you, it's totally safe up here. And besides, the cops have better things to do on Thanksgiving than come up here, and they certainly ain't gonna arrest you, right Hawkguy?"

Clint... wasn't entirely sure about that, to be honest. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said, awkwardly ducking away to look for Kitty. Someday, that answer would get old, but he was pretty sure it was still okay now.

[For Kitty! NFB and all that jazz.]
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Waking up in a warm, comfortable bed was still kind of an amazing thing to Clint, so he wasn't in a rush to dig himself out of the covers right away when he woke up. He knew Lucky would need a walk at some point, and that would mean real clothes instead of pajamas and going outside, and he wanted to put that off for as long as possible, so he burrowed even deeper into the comforter and--ended up accidentally bumping into someone else. Had he had a sleepover last night?

[For the sleepover buddy!]
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So, Clint had decided to test this whole "I gave you a key because I want you to come over" concept, and after a long, long walk with Lucky to psych himself up, he'd gone over to Kitty's place late in the night.

Apparently she did not, in fact, mind waking up with him in her bed. Who knew that could be a thing?

Now there was sleepy morning cuddling going on as Clint started to wake up, because that was a thing too and he was all for secretly enjoying it as much as possible. He was surprised by how quiet things were - one of the joys of being in an apartment - until he woke up enough to realize the apartment was probably just fine, and the issue was all him. He'd had nightmares about this sort of thing happening, but he never really thought it would. Trying not to think about how much sound he was potentially making and missing out on, Clint started carefully pulling away from Kitty in an attempt escape the bed before she woke up. If he could get back to his place, maybe he could figure out a solution before she ever realized he couldn't hear anymore.

[For ze girlfriend!]
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The trip back from Madripoor had been blessedly uneventful, and Clint didn't protest quite as much as usual when he was whisked off to medical. Even after whatever the hell Derek did to him, he was still sore in quite a few places--bulletproof vests were awesome but getting shot point in the chest still sucked a lot--and by the time the nurses were done there wasn't much of Clint not covered in bandages. He needed to buy stock in companies that made gauze one of these days.

But hey, a few cracked ribs and a bruised liver were a small price to pay to get that tape back. Now everything was fine, right? Right.

[And thus ends the flist spam! NFB due to distance! Open for his brave rescuers!]
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Early in the morning, the hallway outside Locker 327 was, perhaps surprisingly, quiet. Then a low rumbling began, and the sound grew louder until finally the door popped open and Clint and Kitty fell out, with Clint landing on the ground first to soften Kitty's fall.

"Okay, that was kind of fun until the landing," he said.

[For the lady being modded!]
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After turning into an animal on the radio, spending a solid week as a hawk, and then turning back into a human on the radio--a naked human, and god he hoped that kid wasn't going to be scarred for life--the chilly walk from the radio station to Kitty's apartment actually wasn't so bad. It was a quick trip, thankfully, and Clint had managed to grab enough crumpled radio notes from the squirrels to cover what needed to be covered in public.

He was pretty sure he'd passed some of the old ladies in town on their way to Water Aerobics, but he'd done his best to keep his head down until he got to Kitty's door, at which point he used his head to knock because a) he was still covering what needed to be covered in public, and b) banging his head against something was a necessity at this point.

[For the wonderful girlfriend!]
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When you made your living running around with a bow and arrow, Valentine's Day ended up being kind of a weird holiday. People at SHIELD had liked to make Cupid jokes to Clint all day, all seemingly thinking they were the first ones to do it, and Clint had to admit that he almost missed the teasing. Tony, of course, hadn't missed out on the opportunity to text remarks to Clint, until Clint had replied that he needed to get ready for his date. Apparently, the surprise that Kitty was still dating him was enough to shut Tony up.

Yeah, Clint was kind of surprised too, shhh.

It wasn't often that Clint had a girlfriend on Valentine's Day and was in the same time zone as her and wanted to actually spend the evening with her, so he figured he was supposed to make this dinner pretty special. Hopefully, ordering in Chinese instead of pizza would count.

[For the girlfriend!]
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There were very few birthdays that Clint could look back on happily, and today had started off as par for the course. It had been months since Loki and his invasion and still, every once in a while, Clint fell back into having nightmares. It was the same kind of dream every time - he was back on the Helicarrier, but this time, he killed everyone who stood in his way. For a while, it was just Natasha, and sometimes Tony or Steve. Then it became Natasha and Kitty getting taken down together. Last night, for the first time, Natalie had been in the mix, and Clint had tried not to interpret that too much when he'd woken up.

Thankfully, unlike the first months after the invasion, Clint had a furry distraction now. Lucky had taken to sleeping in Clint's room almost immediately, and had started sleeping on Clint's bed as soon as he was able to physically get up there. Clint didn't mind - Lucky rarely made noise and almost never barked, which was also something Clint tried not to analyze too much, knowing who his previous owners were - and on mornings like this one, Lucky seemed to know that Clint needed him at his side instead of curled up by his feet.

After a few minutes of regulating his breathing and running his hand along Lucky's fur, Clint knew he wasn't going to fall back asleep. It was late enough that he could justify getting out of bed and, remembering what day it was, he plopped himself down on the couch with Lucky and a whole box of cereal. Later, there would be coffee straight out of the machine's pot because hey, birthdays were for doing that kind of stuff without being judged, right?

[Open for the housemate and visitors and such! Yes, I gave him Jeremy Renner's birthday so I'd remember when it was.]
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Clint wasn't sure if teaching someone how to throw knives counted as a date, but he figured as long as Kitty was here and she wanted to do it, it counted for them.

Well, there probably had to be some making out too, but there'd be time for that later.

"Here, this is probably a good spot," he said, setting his bag down. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

[For the girl in the post!]
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No matter what Natasha's searching-that-she-totally-hadn't-been-doing might have brought up, Clint had made plans to see Kitty again last night, and they'd turned into plans for her to spend the night as well.

This dating thing was pretty awesome, he had to admit.

Clint wasn't surprised when it seemed like he woke up first - he'd never been very good at sleeping in and SHIELD had knocked any lingering ability right out of him - but he didn't mind, because it meant he could try to sneak in some snuggling without waking Kitty up. It was good ninja assassin practice, really.

[For the girl in the bed!]
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As it turned out, Clint was glad he'd told Kitty that he'd surprise her with where they were going tonight, because it gave him time to weigh his options. Fandom had an awful lot of places to take someone for food and drinks, but there seemed to be only one place with food and drinks and games he could beat Kitty at.

Look, being impressive to a girl who could make herself intangible was hard, okay? He had to take his opportunities where he could get them.

It had been a while since he'd done anything like this, but Clint was determined to not let that show. When he got to Kitty's apartment, the only thing left to do was knock on the door and hope for the best.

[For that girl with the awesome pants!]


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